66 exposures

                         It´s been a long time since my last post and it is about time to start this blog going again. Well then, what have I been up to all this time? It´s been a combination of things, I guess. Life. Basically...

                             First of all - art school things - past autumn I had to do my 7-week internship somewhere and I chose theatre. So I packed my things, moved to Tallinn for a while and worked in Estonian National Opera´s stage-sets department for a month. And it was super dope. Seriously. I got to make and fix some stage props and participate in rehearsals. Also free show tickets all the time. I wish I could be a stable person and focus my interests and hobbies on one thing at a time, so I could work in theatre until I die but nope, I also dig fashion and art history and graphic design and cinematography and all the creative stuff I haven’t learned yet.

                         Oh and I almost forgot! I got a free pass to all Tallinn Fashion Week shows, it was mostly nice but not as cool as the MPT show I saw recently...well, I can´t actually compare them. But yeah, I wish I could share some of my TFW pictures and also some super cute animal pictures I took in the Zoo with you, but my desktop PC decided to break and take all my pictures with it to computer heaven. R.I.P. (And this is also the reason why I haven’t posted anything for so long, I´m just not used to working with my tiny laptop.)

                         After a well spent time in Tallinn I did the rest of my internship in Antoniuse guild´s painting studio. It really had nothing to do with painting, basically I did graphic design for this little business and drew some Christmas cards. I could have done the rest of my internship in Vanemuise theatre instead, but no regrets, right?

                          So yeah, in February I defended my portfolio splendidly (!), finally finished art school and got my visual merchandiser/decorator-stylist papers. In March I got a job at Lindex store and moved to a tiny new penthouse apartment. Life has pretty much settled at the moment, but not for long since I’m starting to prepare for entrance exams in Art College. Wish me luck!


  1. Yay finally! Love all of the post

    What kind of eyeliner do you use and does it stay on well for a long time?

  2. Kahju, et sa enam nii palju ei blogi...ja vand postitused ära oled kustutanud...aga sellegipoolest hoian silma peal su blogil :)